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The Aaron 950 Electrosurgical Generator includes the latest technology. This unit offers unsurpassed performance,
flexibility, reliability, and convenience.

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The Aaron 2250 is a multipurpose electrosurgical generator for use in the modern operating room and surgi-center. It features both monopolar and bipolar functions to satisfy all of your surgical demands with safety, flexibility, reliability, and convenience.

Ten Blend Settings
You don’t have to settle for one or two blend modes anymore. With the Aaron 2250 you have ten different blend settings plus cut, all with 200 watts maximum power output for the most demanding procedures.

Two Levels of Coagulation
It also has two levels of coagulation: Coagulation (120 watts maximum power) and Fulguration (80 watts maximum power), plus Bipolar (80 watts maximum power).

Digital Power Control
In addition, the Aaron 2250 delivers consistent, repeatable power into varying load impedances, with BovieFDFS™ (Fast Digital Feedback System), thereby greatly reducing the need for changing the power setting to obtain the desired surgical effect.


  • Two levels of coagulation: Pinpoint Coagulation and Fulguration
  • Pinpoint Coagulation provides precise control of bleeding in localized areas.
  • Fulguration provides greater control of bleeding in highly vascular tissue over broad surface areas.
  • Presets
  • The unit incorporates six user-defined presets for easy recall of frequently used settings.
  • Isolated RF output for Cut, Blend, and Coag modes
  • This minimizes the potential of alternate site burns.
  • Ground Referenced RF output for Fulguration mode
  •  Self diagnostics
  • These diagnostics continually monitor the unit to ensure proper performance.


You should receive the following components with your generator:

  • Aaron 950 Electrosurgical Generator
  • A901 Handpiece
  • 50 sharp and 50 blunt non-sterile dermal tips
  • Ten A910 handpiece drapes
  • Five disposable electrodes (3 blades, 1 ball, 1 needle)
  • Hospital-grade power cord
  • One reusable grounding cord
  • Wall mount bracket
  • Five disposable grounding pads
  • User’s Guide
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